What Does IHeartRadio Plus Include?

Which is better Pandora or iHeartRadio?

Pandora vs.

Spotify vs.

Slacker vs.

iHeartRadioPandoraiHeartRadioPaid TiersPandoraOne: $36/year or $3.99/monthNo paid tiersTrack RatingYesYesMusic Library Size900,00015 millionStationsCustom stations, supported by Pandora algorithmCustom, 1,500 Live Stations7 more rows•Feb 13, 2013.

How do I stop paying for iHeartRadio?

If you use the iHeartRadio Android app and want to cancel your subscription, you need to go through the Google Play Store.Open Google Play Store.Access Menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.Tap Subscriptions.Select iHeartRadio from the list of subscriptions.Click on the Cancel button.

What is iHeartRadio all access?

Take control of your listening experience with iHeartRadio All Access. Get unlimited music and thousands of radio stations all in one app. Listen offline, get unlimited skips, access millions of songs on demand, save and replay songs directly from the radio and create unlimited playlists.

How do you get iHeartRadio all access for free?

Or, if you’d prefer to sign up on your mobile device you can launch the app on your Android or iOS device, tap the gear icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen and tap the Upgrade Now button! You’ll be prompted to choose a free trial for either iHeartRadio Plus or iHeartRadio All Access.

How Much Is Pandora a month?

Pandora offers three types of subscriptions. Pandora Plus is $4.99 USD/month or $54.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable). Pandora Premium is $9.99 USD/month or $109.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable), unless you qualify for a Student or Military discount.

Do you have to pay for I Heart Radio?

Our free iHeartRadio service will still be free with all the same features you have come to love.

Can you skip songs on iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio allows 6 skips per hour per station, for up to 15 skips per day across all Artist Stations. Unlimited skips on Artist stations are available with iHeartRadio Plus and All Access.

How long is iHeartRadio free trial?

exactly 30 daysPlease note: The free trial for iHeartRadio Plus or All Access lasts exactly 30 days.

How much is iHeartRadio plus per month?

iHeartRadio Plus costs $4.99 (Web, Amazon and Google Play Store sign up) or $5.99 (iOS App Store sign up) a month. You can give the service a spin, by signing up for a free trial! Payment for the service can be processed through iHeart.com, the Google Play Store & Amazon App Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

What is the difference between iHeartRadio and Iheartradio plus?

With iHeartRadio Plus you get unlimited skips, have the ability to play any song on demand, save songs from the radio to your playlist, and instantly replay songs from the Radio! With iHeartRadio All Access you get these great features and more!

Does listening to iHeartRadio use a lot of data?

Will playing iHeartRadio on my mobile device use cellular data? Yes the iHeartRadio app will consume cellular data if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. 31. … No you do not need to have Wi-Fi to listen to iHeartRadio but note that fees from your cellular provider for data usage may apply.

Is iHeartRadio free on Smart TV?

With new smart speakers, phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming consoles and Smart TVs, there’s nothing like getting your devices up and running. … The free iHeartRadio app is available online, on mobile phones and tablets, in cars and on connected devices including Xbox, PlayStation and Smart TVs.

Can you listen to iHeartRadio without WiFi?

HeartRadio’s Offline feature allows you to listen to your favorite playlists without needing to be connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi network. With iHeartRadio All Access you can take your playlists offline with a quick toggle. …

Is iHeartRadio plus ad free?

Instantly replay songs from Live and Artist radio. Access a weekly curated playlist just for you. Ad-Free Artist radio.

Does iHeartRadio have a family plan?

Just in time for the holidays, you and up to five family members can now enjoy the iHeartRadio All Access Family Plan for just $14.99 a month!