Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Awaiting EIC Decision?

What happens after a planning application is submitted?

When the decision has been made, you will receive a formal decision notice.

If your application is approved, it may contain conditions.

You must start building work within three years of the decision and other approvals may be needed before work can start (eg covenants or Building Regulations)..

What does it mean when a planning application is validated?

Getting planning permission these days has become a two-step process. Before you get on to the main business of having your plans approved, you must first get your application validated – that is, accepted as being complete and ready to process.

What is the process of peer review?

In the peer review process, a paper is submitted to a journal and evaluated by several reviewers. … The primary purpose of peer review is to ensure that the papers published are valid and unbiased. Single Blind and Double Blind Reviews. In single blind reviews authors do not know who the reviewers are.

What are the stages of a planning application?

Step by step guide to making planning applicationsStage 1: Do I need planning permission? … Stage 2: Pre-application advice.Stage 3: Submitting your planning application.Stage 4: Decision making process – Application validation.Stage 5: Decision making process – Consultation period.Stage 6: Decision making process – Consideration of an application.More items…

What does it mean decision in process?

Coming to your query, Decision in Process typically means that the associate editor (AE) has gone through the peer review comments, arrived at a decision on the manuscript based on the comments, and then conveyed their decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC).

How long is the peer review process?

within 3-4 weeksThe peer review is completed once all the reviewers send the journal a detailed report with their comments on the manuscript and their recommendation. Typically, journals ask reviewers to complete their reviews within 3-4 weeks.

What is awaiting AE assignment?

Awaiting AE Assignment: The article was approved in the previous step and awaits the appointment of an Associate Editor (AE) by the Chief Editor. … Awaiting Reviewer Invitation: At this stage, the Associate Editor should invite reviewers to evaluate the article, from those chosen in the previous step.

What is desk rejection?

A desk-reject means your manuscript has been rejected by a journal without being sent out for review. … So for many academics a desk-reject causes extreme disappointment, a feeling that can easily change to desperation if this same outcome is repeated over and over again.

What does hidden mean on application status?

“Submitted —under review” which basically means nothing. 2. “Hidden” that means you are really being reviewed and you have passed the first wall. 3. “Accepted —in progress” when this happens it means you will get the job.

What is EIC in Journal?

3. Appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) The EIC checks that the paper is appropriate for the journal and is sufficiently original and interesting. If not, the paper may be rejected without being reviewed any further.

How long does it take to get ready for a decision?

Answer: When the status for a manuscript changes “Under Review” to “Ready for Decision”, it means that the peer-review process is complete and only the editorial decision is pending. Sometimes, this can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

What does awaiting decision mean?

This, in turn, means that the status “Awaiting decision” refers to the decision that the editor will take about whether your paper will be sent for peer review or desk rejected. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the manuscript at this stage, but you can be hopeful.

What is the meaning of decision pending?

‘Under editorial consideration’ and ‘Decision pending’ simultaneously: The AE must have had a look at the paper and made a decision on it, and communicated this decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), who makes the final decision. ‘Decision pending’: The ball is in the EIC’s court now.

How long does it take for a manuscript to be accepted?

Depends on how long/good the paper is and how fast the reviewer is. Usually takes between a week and a year. I would narrow the gap to more like 4 weeks/a month, to 6-8 months for most articles.

Is application under review a good sign?

If your application makes it this far than it would most likely be labeled “under review” and the next step from here is either to receive an email regarding the interview, or a rejection email. Overall – being under review does not mean something positive or negative. It is a neutral sign.

Is under review a good sign?

It means keep looking, they won’t leave you hanging out their for someone else to hire if you look strong enough on paper. Yes that is a good thing because it means you were pushed through to human resources, and you are likely to get an interview.

What does awaiting decision mean on planning application?

Applications Awaiting Decision Use this screen to search for applications that have been received but have not yet been determined in a particular Ward.

What does submission status mean?

Completed just meansJob Status: Inactive means the job is no longer available and was more likely filled even thou you were never interviewed. Submission Status: Completed just means that you completed and submitted your application.