Quick Answer: How Do You Get $5 Off $25 At Dollar General?

How do I get smart coupons for Family Dollar?

How do I sign up for Smart Coupons to receive discounts and coupons.

You will need to go to the Smart Coupons page on the Family Dollar website (www.familydollar.com/smartcoupons) to sign up and create an account.

You can also text SMART to 28767 to receive a link to the website on your mobile device..

Can you stack coupons at Dollar General?

Coupon Stacking – Using Multiple Coupons Customers may use a single Dollar General store coupon along with a single manufacturer coupon per single item in a transaction, as long as the coupons do not state otherwise. Combining (also known as stacking) two or more manufacturer coupons per item is not allowed.

Is Family Dollar code friendly?

Family Dollar Stores ACCEPT Manufacturer and Family Dollar issued coupons including: Original Paper Coupons and valid print at home coupons that have a valid scannable barcode.

What stores have penny items?

Ok so I only know about two stores that actually have Penny Deals/Penny Items and that is Michaels and Dollar General.

Does Family Dollar DO 5 off 25?

Check Out Our Family Dollar Stores Coupon for $5 Off $25 Or More. Details: Enjoy $5 off any purchase of $25+ at FamilyDollar.com. … Valid printable coupon.

How much is it to exchange a propane tank at Dollar General?

American Gas Cylinder Propane Exchange just $17 at Dollar General with New Coupon. …

What is a smart coupon for Family Dollar?

Family Dollar Smart Coupons gives relevant offers for you based on your shopping history. You can clip these offers to your account, eliminating the need to cut or print out coupons. Additionally, a coupon list is generated that can be used for shopping. The coupon list can be accessed online, emailed or printed.

Does Walmart sell full propane tanks?

No. All new propane tanks are sold empty. Any propane fill station can fill it to a full 20 pounds of propane and usually charge you by the gallon.

Does Family Dollar sell propane tanks?

In my area, I have found that the best deal on propane is at Family Dollar. … Now that I have an extra propane tank, that’s when my empty one gets filled.

Can I use a manufacturer coupon and digital coupon at Dollar General?

Unless labeled a DG Store Coupon in the Digital Coupon Gallery, DG Digital Coupons are Manufacturer Coupons. Manufacturer DG Digital Coupons cannot be combined with any other type of Manufacturer coupon on the same item in a single transaction.

How can I get coupons?

How to Get CouponsJoin store loyalty programs. … Check the Sunday newspaper. … Ask the manufacturer. … Search a coupon database or app. … Visit retailer websites and apps. … Pick up weekly ads at the store. … Install a browser extension. … Look at the product packaging.More items…•

How many times can you use a Dollar General coupon?

Dollar General limits shoppers to 5 identical coupons per household per day. Most coupons contain limits of no more than four or more coupons per day. If you have a coupon without a stated limit, (which is pretty rare) Dollar General will allow you to use no more than five identical coupons per day.

Which is cheaper Dollar General or Family Dollar?

Family Dollar was the cheapest in her three-store comparison. Dollar Tree finished in second place, because Shain had to buy multiple $1 items in some cases to have the same amount of product as Family Dollar. Dollar General was the most expensive of the three, but had the best selection.

What color dots are on sale at Dollar General?

Look for special markdowns on specific tagged items. You’ll see a yellow star, blue dot, etc. They use these symbols to do clearance markdowns. Look for clearance notes around the store that may have all of one symbol on 50% off clearance. 2.

How much is a propane tank?

Propane Tank Prices Installing a propane tank costs between $800 on average. Propane prices vary by location. A propane refill will cost between $3 and $5 per gallon, or about $500 for a 100-gallon tank. Compare quotes from contractors near you for the best price on your new propane tank.

How do you stack coupons at Family Dollar?

At Family Dollar, stacking coupons is accomplished by redeeming a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on a single item. Family Dollar accepts manufacturer coupons and Family Dollar-issued coupons including: Paper coupons.

How do I get Dollar General coupons?

Digital coupons can be accessed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device here. They can also be accessed within the Dollar General App on your smart phone. Note that you will need to log in to your profile in order to clip selected coupons.

How do I save money at Dollar General?

Ways to save at Dollar General every dayClip Dollar General coupons. Browse your weekly circular and the big Sunday coupon sections for store-specific coupons. … Check your receipt. … Use DG Digital coupons. … Sign up for texts. … Sign up for emails. … Use a cash-back app. … Shop seasonal. … Browse the clearance.More items…