Quick Answer: Does Nagito Like Hajime?

Who is Nagito’s crush?

It is revealed that Nagito’s feelings for Hajime are romantic in nature..

Is Makoto Naegi a girl?

She’s a girl now. Kirigiri, Byakuya, Mukuro and Sayaka.

Who killed Byakuya?

Teruteru HanamuraHe appears in Danganronpa 2 disguised as Byakuya Togami from the first game but is, in reality, a nameless Imposter. He was murdered in Chapter 1 by Teruteru Hanamura after trying to save Nagito Komaeda from being killed.

What does Gundham call Sonia?

Sonia is also the only one that Gundham does not refer to as kisama (a way of saying ‘you’ that suggests contempt, or alternatively an archaic polite form of ‘you’) or by their last name, instead calling her “she-cat” at one point or “the Dark Queen”, which is mentioned to be his fantasized version of Sonia.

Who did Monomi kill?

Monomi usually tries to help and protect her students and does it even if she isn’t appreciated. In Chapter 5, Monomi was willing to sacrifice herself to protect the students from Monokuma and try to end the Killing School Trip. She later sacrificed herself and fought Alter Ego Junko by shutting her down.

Does Chiaki like Hajime?

It is implied that the two of them had romantic feelings for each other, as they often blush when coming in contact with each other. Chiaki once comforted Hajime after he felt upset about not having a talent. She told him that there’s more to life than talent and that making memories with people is more important.

Who does Hajime Hinata have a crush on?

Peko PekoyamaHajime Hinata has a crush on Peko Pekoyama! During one of Peko’s free-time events, Peko asks him a question (the ones with three answers) and Hajime mistakenly thinks that she’s interested in him.

What mental illness does Nagito Komaeda have?

He thinks that the others hate him because he’s a lower human being. In his final free-time event, Nagito claims to have Frontotemporal Dementia, a neurodegenerative disease that affects their personality and social cognition and thus may account for some of his strange behavior.

How did Chiaki die?

Chiaki’s death in Despair Arc is very similar to Mukuro’s death in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: being suddenly impaled by dozens of spears. The deaths also double as acts of betrayal from those who were closest to them (Junko, in Mukuro’s case, and Chisa, in Chiaki’s case).

Why is Hajime hair white?

During his time in Hope’s Peak Academy, he wore a black reserve course student uniform, which are the same clothes he wears as Izuru Kamukura. … Inside the simulation, during the ending of the second game, Hajime also gained an “Awakened” form, with his hair turning white and his eyes becoming just like those of Izuru.

Does Kirigiri like Makoto?

Both are on good terms with each other, Kyoko trusts Makoto (although just for her plans against Monokuma) but Makoto puts his trust in her completely as he hopes that she would trust him as much as he trusts her. Regardless, Kyoko seems to care more for Makoto as time goes on.

Is Nagito a Naegi?

Naegi and Nagito actually share the same voice actors, in both languages. They’re both women, who’s voice acting Naegi and Nagito. And here comes an interesting one: If you write Nagito’s name in an anagram, it’ll be “Ma-ko-to Na-e-gi da”, which means “I’m Makoto Naegi”.

Why did Junko kill Chiaki?

Junko Enoshima Her initial plan was to let Chiaki watch the Despair video, but upon realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair.

Who killed Nagito?

RIP ChiakiSo thus, Chiaki was responsible for Nagito’s death, even if that was not her intention. And this led to the single best execution of Goodbye Despair. RIP Chiaki.

How old is Chiaki Nanami when she died?

Chiaki NanamiDate Of BirthMarch 14th, 1995Height160cmage18(17 in Despair arc) 3(activation)StatusDeceased5 more rows•May 21, 2020